Estabar COVID-19 Collaboration

The beginning of 2020 for most was a life-defining moment. We were experiencing history as it was happening. Personally each day, hour, minute brought with it a new wave of emotions.

But most of all, I felt helpless. I decided to change that and struck up a conversation with my boss at the time about how I could use my skills as a creative to help people in our cafe community. 

Breakfast in Bed

Mrs Ritter’s Jams

Single O Coffee

Contagion of positivity

This idea formed into making bits of designed and illustrated paraphanelia that the cafe community receievd free, when buying their essentials from the newly created cafe store. ‘Breakfast in bed’ was made with mother’s day in mind, ‘Mrs Ritters Jam’ and ‘Single O Coffee’ was created to support our suppliers. 

Additionally we made illustrated postcards so people could take time to write to their loved ones. All these pieces were made to inspire contagious positivity in our community. 

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