Jonna’s Beauty Therapy

Is a family owned and operated business in Nelson Bay. They came to Grace Creative Studio with a rebrand in mind to reflect who they were as a business today. 

I knew straight away that Jonna’s business needed a brand that reflected her classic style and nurturing hand when it came to the beauty therapy.

Gift Card

Collaborating with Jonna’s daughter Kim we decided to revamp the gift card to be a work of art rather than a plain piece of paper. In conversation with the owner, it was important to her that customers felt like they were getting value for their money. It was also important for the person receiving the card to feel like they were getting a unique experience.  

Social Media

Jonna had a desire to bring her business into the digital age by building a social media audience.  Though this was a daunting task. Grace Creative Studio made a simple but effective marketing plan for Jonna’s Beauty Therapy by creating a catalogue of images she could post regularly which corresponded with beauty services in her business. 

As well as creating designed tiles, Grace Creative Studio also collated and curated lifestyle images to intersperse in the social media grid.


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